121+90th Birthday Captions For Instagram-Grandmother & Grandfather

You are never too old to celebrate your birthday and share all those pictures on Instagram letting everyone know how you felt. So, if your grandmother is reluctant, tell her this and share all those pictures with one of these 90th birthday captions.

It doesn’t matter whether she cut her cake in her comfortable nightie or the Kanjeevaram saree you forced her to wear. It doesn’t matter whether you had a celebration in her bed or decorated an entire room for her.

What matters is she had fun with you and we would want to see that with cute 90th birthday captions that tell us all about it. So, go ahead and don’t let anything stop you.

And while you arrange the pictures, we have the 90th birthday captions for Instagram here for you. So, once you are done, just browse through this list to choose the one you find most appropriate to you.

90th Birthday Captions

90th Birthday Captions
  • 90?? Don’t panic – you’ve still got it! The hard part is remembering where it is.
  • Happy 90th Birthday. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your special moments of life.
  • Thinking about getting a tattoo for your 90th birthday? The best bet would be your name and address.
  • You’re not old, you’re a classic.
  • For all the good things. For all the blessing. For all the wisdom.Happy 90th birthday, granny.
  • Congratulations! For being the oldest person in our family, we wish you more life ahead and a blast birthday.
  • You were always there to witness my success. Now I’m glad to see you unlock another milestone. Happy 90th birthday, mom.
  • Lucky for you, vintage is in. Happy 90th Birthday!
  • It is about time you started acting your age. Happy birthday.
  • Dear Dad, It’s like you just turned 18. 72 years ago, that is. Happy 90th birthday!
  • You’re in the nervous nineties. Hope you will hit the century. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 90th Birthday! We are so lucky to have you in our lives.
  • Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! Happy 90th Birthday!
  • A 90th birthday is celebrated with joy and appreciation for the years shared with a loving family.
  • You become younger at heart every passing year. Happy 90th birthday, dad.
  • A true friend knows how old you are…and stays for the party anyway. Happy 90th Birthday!
  • May your desires shine and sparkle like the stars at night, as you enjoy the peace of your life. We celebrate you. Cheerful Birthday and many more years.
  • You’ve been an inspiration and example for me throughout your life and as you reach 90 years of age I am thrilled to be able to wish you a very happy birthday
  • You gave your everything for our family. Thank you, Dad, for being our guiding light.
  • The country should celebrate exceptional character like you on your 90th birthday.
  • Don’t think of it as turning 90…think of it as turning 18 with 72 years of experience.
  • Your love and guidance made me a better person. Have a great birthday, dad.
  • They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.
  • Nevertheless, your family and friends will make it the perfect day for you. Happy Birthday.
  • 90 years old might be getting on a bit now but you’re just as young at heart as you ever were! Have a wonderful day!
  • Your influence and the standard you gave set over 90 years is one I try every day to meet. I haven’t got there yet but do all I can to be just like you. Have a happy birthday grandma
  • Just think of 90 as 9 perfect 10s!
  • May your 90th birthday be filled with magic moments…and lots of merlot!

90th Birthday Captions For Instagram

  • Like fine wine, you get better with age.! Happy 90th birthday!
  • A happy 90th birthday from your favorite grandchild!
  • You are a very special person in my life; I want you to know that I will always be there for you. I wish you happiness and love. Happy 90th birthday!
  • You have proven that age is just a number. Be happy always. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Happy 90th birthday to a phenomenal achiever and a blessing to the world of men. Your good works will live longer to tell your inspiring story.
  • Happy birthday to someone who has been an inspiration to our lives, May you blow 1001 candles.
  • You have always been my go-to person, and it will be so forever. Happy 90th birthday, mom.
  • At 90, you’re still playing with a full deck. Who cares if you shuffle a little slower?
  • Your candles cost more than the cake. Happy 90th birthday!
  • Happy 90th Birthday to someone who is forever young!
  • I can’t wait to wish you a happy birthday on your 100th, and am looking forward to all the years in between!
  • Don’t get all weird about growing older. Our age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying us.
  • You have nine decades full of memories and may this day bring new ones and full of surprises. Happy 90th birthday!
  • You have lead a truly amazing life and as you turn 90 I want to say just how much I love you. Happy birthday
  • Happy 90th birthday to the greatest man in the world: my friend, my protector, my father.
  • You have done amazing things; you inspire people to do their best. You have lit up many people’s lives and that’s why we are here to celebrate you. Happy 90th birthday!
  • God must have sent you into my life so that I would always have love in my heart. I wish you the most amazing 90th birthday ever, Dad!
  • Everyone gets to be young once. Your turn is over!
  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! I’m so happy to share your special day and hope you to know how much you mean to me!
  • As you turn 90, I want to let you know how much you mean to our family and me. Happy birthday, mom!
  • You’re not getting older…you’re increasing in value. Have a fabulous 90th birthday!

Funny 90th Birthday Captions

Funny 90th Birthday Captions
  • A little medical advice for your 90th birthday. Eat lots of birthday cake – it’s good for you! Studies have shown that the more birthday cakes you’ve gotten, the longer you live.
  • I know everyone is inspired by you and the life you have lead. Wishing you many more years!
  • If things get better with age, then you’re approaching perfection. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 90th Birthday! Everyone has gathered to help you celebrate this special day and let you know how much you mean to each of us.
  • Don’t worry about blowing the candles. Your grandchildren will take care of it..
  • You might be turning 90 today but you barely look a year over 70! Happy birthday!
  • Take every birthday with a grain of salt. Of course, this works best if the salt is accompanied by a margarita.
  • Never forget the joy and happiness you have brought to the lives of so many others. I love you gran, happy birthday
  • I hope your 90th birthday is but another milestone in your extraordinary life. Wishing you my love and health
  • Happy 90th Birthday! what a beautiful life you have lived, may God keep Blessing you forever.
  • Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.
  • With a warm heart, we wish you a happy 90th Birthday with much love.
  • There are those that attempt to teach through long speeches, but you have demonstrated your lessons in life simply by living yours over the last 90 years. Happy Birthday
  • On your 90th birthday, may you feel the same love and joy you give to others!
  • Congratulations! For being the oldest person in our family, what a blessing you are to us.
  • I hope you enjoy your special day and are looking forward to many more in the future!
  • It’s your 90th birthday – feel free to wine if you want!

90th Birthday Captions For Grandmother

  • May you enjoy many more drinks. Happy birthday.
  • May today enrich your heart with happiness and may it bring something new and exciting to you. Happy 90th birthday!
  • Wisdom may not be measure in years but the wisdom you’ve amassed in 90 years is second to none
  • I really I hope I look as good as you when I hit 90! Congratulations and happy birthday
  • Congratulations on your 90th birthday! It’s such an amazing achievement
  • May your 90th birthday be filled with love and laughter.
  • On this wonderful day, we wish you more life ahead and a blast birthday.
  • Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. – Charles Schulz
  • Like fine wine, we get better with age. Or maybe we just feel better about our age with lots of wine. Happy 90th Birthday!
  • You are the most inspiring person I’ve come across in my life. Happy birthday, dad.
  • You are a marvelous friend with a heart of gold. I wish you a delightful day on this special occasion. Happy 90th Birthday! Stay Bless.
  • You’ll never be old as long as your mind is young and your heart is pure. In other words, you’re screwed!
  • May you find all the happiness. May you treasure all the memories. Happy 90th birthday, granny.
  • On your 90th Birthday, I wish you a life full of joy and good health. Have a wonderful 90th Birthday
  • Sending my best wishes for a wonderful 90th birthday!
  • I’m not saying that you’re old…but your candles cost more than your birthday cake!
  • To my brilliant grandmother – may you have many more happy birthdays to come
  • On your 90th birthday, remember – age is only important if you’re a cheese.
  • Congratulations on your 90th birthday celebration, may we be blessed to have you for long years to learn from your river of wisdom.

90th Birthday Captions For Grandfather

  • I thank God for giving me the best dad in the world. Happy 90th birthday!
  • At 90, you are a time-tested classic!
  • You still control your dreams if you simply dare to follow and accomplish them, because 90 is only a number. Happy Birthday! Desiree more, dream bigger and forever.
  • Happy 90th birthday to my best friend! Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane!
  • Nobody’s “old” anymore – they’ve just been around for a long time.- Abigail Van Buren
  • Happy 90th Birthday, Pop! I’m so happy to share this amazing day with you.
  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! I wish you a fabulous birthday, because you are a fabulous Dad. Enjoy your special day!
  • Look back at your life with content.Be proud of all the things you achieved.Happy Birthday, Gran!
  • I’m forever thankful that I have a grandpa as amazing as you. Here’s to 90 more years!
  • May your special day be just as special as you are! Happy 90th Birthday!
  • You are not old, you are a classic! Happy 90th.
  • You are one of the best people I know in my entire life and feel so happy to wish you a happy 90th birthday to be spent in joy and happiness.
  • Never lose that phenomenal spirit and drive you have. That’s what’s got you this far! Have a really great day
  • On your 90th birthday, remember: you’re only as old as you feel. So don’t go around feeling old people.
  • Through life’s full of ups and downs, you have shown us resilience and patience. Happy birthday, dad.
  • Count your life by your smiles, not your tears. Count your age by your friends, not your years. Happy Birthday, Grandma!
  • You’ve brought such wisdom and guidance to my life, gran. I feel blessed to have you and hope you have a very happy birthday
  • Happy Birthday on your 90th year. May you know how much you mean to everyone and feel the love we have for you!
  • Don’t worry; I’m forever here to help you blow off the candles on your cake. Just watch and smile whiles I eat all your cake, Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa!
  • I hope I’m as wonderful as you are when I turn 90…even just half as wonderful would be great.
  • Age is all in mind. Just keep it from trickling down to your body.
  • Cherish the memories. Count the blessings and hold them dear. Happy 90th birthday, grandma!
  • Let us respect gray hairs, especially our own.

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