125+ 32nd Birthday Captions For Instagram- Funny & Happy 2023

Another year in your 30s is gone by, and it’s once again time to celebrate. What is it that you intend to do this year? Plan your day and in the end when you decide to share the pics, you can have a look at this collection of 32nd birthday captions for you.

You would probably want to put up a sophisticated caption that your friends and Insta fam can read. So, all you have to do is browse through the 32nd birthday captions on this list and choose the one that best suits you.

We hope you find the perfect caption from what we have for you. Here you go.

32nd Birthday Captions

32nd Birthday Captions
  • I can’t believe everyone forgets it’s my 32nd birthday.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday to My wonderful Nephew and incredible inspiration. Sending much love from me to you.
  • I wish that you will be happy for the rest of your life, that is all I want for you on your bday.
  • It’s that time of the year, that messages won’t cease, it’s my 32nd birthday, happy birthday to me.
  • Attention please, it’s my birthday. Shower me with your wishes.
  • I have never forgotten all our memories together, may you have an awesome time today, couz.
  • I wish to taste a birthday cake, I guess my 32nd birthday is fast approaching.
  • Today is an exciting day, I was born 32 years ago.
  • The best time of the year is now, cos I could say with joy in my heart, I’m a year older.
  • This year is already starting on a good note. So, I intend to embrace all of the goodness that the year has to offer. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • Happy birthday to my handsome, kind and generous son. I am so blessed to be your mom! Heart you big.
  • Despite clocking 32, you look younger than your age.
  • Thank you for making my 32nd birthday exciting.
  • What you need is someone who will make you get the best you can be, happy bday to you!
  • May you never stop on trying to do the good deeds that have been taught to you, happy bday.
  • Hey friend! Guess who is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, it’s me.
  • Cake is available, rice is also available! Yes, it’s my birthday.
  • My 32nd Bday is tomorrow, I want to see your messages.
  • Cut your 32nd birthday cake and send my portion to me.
  • Happy 32nd birthday darling!

32nd Birthday Captions For Instagram

  • 32 look good on you!
  • You are wondering, what’s special about today, it’s because I was born on a day like this. Happy birthday to me.
  • This birthday gift is lovely.
  • It’s a new year for me. I wish myself a happy 32nd birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my favourite son. Here’s to making many more memories together… Love you loads.
  • Wish me a happy 32nd birthday.
  • I can’t imagine celebrating my 32nd birthday without a selfie.
  • Yippee! It’s my 32nd birthday. Celebrate and wish me well.
  • Check out my natural beauty without filters and makeup.
  • Now I can start acting 32. Happy birthday to me!
  • My birthday celebration is better with friends around me.
  • You have intelligence and that is something, now spring yourself somewhere nice happy bday.
  • To everyone, who has been waiting for a moment to appreciate God’s gift to men, the time is now. Happy birthday to me!
  • I hope that I learn to be happy and content regardless of any situation this year because these are the only ways to truly find peace. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • Join your sonorous voice to wish me a happy 32nd birthday.
  • Turning 32 makes me feel excited. Join me to celebrate.
  • It’s time to celebrate the end of 365 days and the start of a new 365 days. Happy birthday to me!

Funny 32nd Birthday Captions

Funny 32nd Birthday Captions
  • Check out the latest 32nd birthday post.
  • I just found my 32nd birthday crown.
  • Check out my official birthday selfie.
  • Today is my 32nd birthday and I have no idea where the time went. It has truly flown by, this past year has reminded me how to really #live. Wish myself the best in life.
  • Join me on my 32nd birthday shopping fiesta!
  • It’s exactly 32 years when I cried and my mother smiled at me.
  • What a great day to celebrate 32 years on this roller coaster ride called life! A very happy, happy birthday to me.
  • Mr. Awesome, happy 32nd birthday to you. I’m wishing you a great year ahead.
  • On this day 32 years, my beautiful spouse was born. Happy birthday to her!
  • I’m wishing myself a happy new year, long life and prosperity.
  • Today is great because it’s my 32nd birthday! I am +1.
  • I guess you know am celebrating my 32nd birthday this week. Your gifts are welcome.
  • Time to celebrate is, here again, join me as I celebrate a new year of goodness.
  • It’s my 32nd birthday, I will like it is.
  • I wish myself a happy birthday. I am so grateful for the privilege to be, and I hope I get to excel in all areas as I become a year older.
  • Happy birthday, my amazing nephew! You are a shining light to so many—your spirit is contagious and inspiring. I love you and am so proud of everything you have accomplished!!! I wish you an amazing year ahead.
  • It’s official; I’m 32 years old today.
  • There is no better way to say happy 32nd birthday than to tell you that you are loved, darling.

Clever 32nd Birthday Instagram Captions

  • At exactly 32 years ago, a king was born.
  • Let the adventure continue. Celebrate me on this special day.
  • I am listening to the radio and I heard my alarm rang that I’m a year older. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • At 32, I’m simply leveling up and not getting older.
  • There is a loyalty in yours that is hard to find nowadays, I wish you a happy 32nd birthday!
  • To everyone on planet Earth, be calm ’cause it’s my birthday.
  • Share your birthday dinner with family and friends.
  • When it comes to friends, some are diamonds and that’s just who you are. You are a true friend with your own unique cut, colour and flavour. Happy #birthday, sweetheart.
  • I’m here to make this special day beautiful as you. Share your birthday selfies.
  • Party at my house, it’s not for a wedding but today is my birthday. Come, wish me well and eat to full.
  • I had a great birthday last year, I’m having a fabulous birthday right now! Happy birthday to me.
  • I believe that God is able to turn things around for my good this year, and more than ever before I am going to stick to my condition even in the face of the most fierce storms of the year. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • I’m not just a year older, but a year better and wiser. Happy 32nd birthday to me!
  • I’m calm and cool because it’s my birthday!
  • Let the wishes keep on rolling in, you know why? It’s this baby’s birthday.
  • I wish you would like my present as much as I like yours coz you are truly the best there is.
  • Happy birthday to the most troublesome girl I know, don’t guess wrong. That’s me!!! I will make sure I enjoy my day.
  • I swear you will never have to be lonely again from now on, happy bday to you, my cool guy.
  • I’m celebrating life because today is my 32nd birthday.

Instagram Captions For 32nd Birthday

  • It’s my 32nd birthday, happy birthday to me!
  • In this world, there is no one else I would rather celebrate with than you, enjoy this great day.
  • Happy Birthday to my favourite “baby” nephew on earth! You’re the best! Cheers to many years ahead.
  • I will never be 32 after this year. So, I intend to utilize every minute of every hour that I get to be 32 to be the best version of myself. Happy birthday to me.
  • Happy birthday to my best friend in all the world. You are so brilliant and beautiful. I love you more than words can say!
  • I am definitely a target for good tidings. it is impossible to believe otherwise because I have experienced the best moments. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • Your bday is one of the best days of my life coz another great person is born, I just know it.
  • Love is a perfect 32nd birthday present.
  • It’s your 32nd birthday, I can’t stop loving you.
  • Oh! Indeed, a great day is the I was born, heaven notes it and the earth rejoiced. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • Happy 32nd birthday to you goofball!
  • Momma, I’m forever indebted to you cos of my birth. Happy birthday to me.
  • The joy of the lord and the happiness of this life I have chosen constantly reminds me that I am a favourite. Happy 32nd birthday to me.
  • It’s a great privilege having you around on my special day. Thanks for making it to my 32nd birthday party.
  • Another time of the year to celebrate and jubilate, yay it’s my 32nd birthday.
  • Have tons of fun and remember that everyone wishes you the best for your big day on this day.
  • Your birthday gift is welcomed throughout the month.
  • Happy 32nd birthday, I wish this age would bring you more blessings because you deserve it.
  • I’m gonna stuff my face with chocolate and cake because it’s my day, happy birthday to me.
  • You focus on what is ahead of you coz that is what is important, I wish you the best for today.
  • You are the only person that know am celebrating my 32nd birthday. Wish me well.
  • I hope that I am able to live my life in gratitude for the goodness of God this New Year. Happy 32nd birthday to me.

32nd Birthday Caption For Myself

  • Check out my 32nd birthday cake and the attractive candles.
  • The day is blessed, I know. My life is blessed, I am sure and this year is blessed, no doubt about that! Happy 32nd birthday to you.
  • Against all odds, here I am in a new year. Happy birthday to me.
  • It is going to be the best yet of my life – I can literally picture some exceptional moments that will change my life for good, forever, and I can’t wait for it.
  • You caught me unaware in the beautiful birthday selfie.
  • Shocked it’s my friend’s 32nd birthday. Can’t believe you’re not 21 anymore. Happy birthday, love, can’t love you less.
  • My 32nd birthday is not complete without having you around me.
  • I was born cute exactly 32 years ago. It’s my nature, I can’t help it.
  • Let me shower my pure happiness on you with this 32nd birthday celebration.
  • I love my birthday because I become older and better!
  • For my nephew, the greatest guy on earth. Happy 32nd birthday, wish you the best in this new year of yours!

Happy 32nd Birthday Captions

  • I’m happy to invite you to my 32nd birthday party. I hope you will grace the occasion.
  • Thank you for the special gift for my 32nd birthday.
  • Check my birthday selfie. It’s nice seeing me looking beautiful at 32.
  • I’m blessed to see my 32nd birthday on earth.
  • You are my birthday present. Happy 32nd birthday to me!
  • Take the fork and utilize it for your 32nd birthday cake.
  • Do you like the birthday selfie you saw today?
  • My 32nd birthday will come and go, but your wishes will be in my heart forever.

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