125+12th Birthday Captions For Instagram-[Happy, Funny]

Ahem, so your little girl is now talking about shoes and bags, is she? And she recently celebrated her 12th birthday. You sure have some awesome pictures that you can’t wait to share, so here are some 12th birthday captions that we hope will make your work easy as you put them up out there.

Or are we talking about your handsome little prince, who is now talking about flying his own plane or becoming one of the cops he sees on TV. Then, we know you have some charming pictures of him with his friends playing together and enjoying his birthday scene.

Put them up on Instagram by saying something interesting so all can see the charming little prince that he has turned out to be.

If you need help, here are some 12th birthday captions. Choose the one that goes the best with his recent birthday scene.

That said, we hope you find some beautiful lines from this list of 12th birthday captions for your little princess or prince.

12th Birthday Captions

12th Birthday Captions
  • As a tribute to my favorite birthday boy, I would like to share some of my favorite things.
  • Happy 12th birthday to my friend. we’ve come a long way and growing old in wisdom and style!
  • You are an example to everyone and have become a truly impressive young man. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my little sister. I know you’ve got grow up but really I want you to stay just as cute and lovely as you’ve always been.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to my big boy! I love you.
  • Please join us in celebrating Alexander as he celebrates his 12th birthday. He’s the sweetest, most thoughtful, and kindest boy we know, and a remarkably good person.
  • I bless the family that raised you, dearest friend. Happy 12th birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite boy. Your mom loves you bunches and bunches!
  • To my little cousin sister, wishing you the best today and throughout your life. Happy 12th birthday!
  • Wishing you a day ripe with TWELVE amazing years of opportunity, growth, and joy. Have a wonderful 12th birthday, friend!
  • I love you, cousin. Happy early birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate in person at dinner tonight.
  • It’s your birthday but I feel like I’m the lucky one as I have such an awesome nephew,
  • My baby sis is turning 12 today and I couldn’t be happier for her!
  • Here’s to a big year of firsts for my little brother, so much to look forward to—congrats Sam!
  • I’m 12. I’m old enough to get watched over by guardian angels but young enough to still have a curfew.
  • Here’s to you sis, have a great birthday.
  • My beloved artistic and curious niece just turned 12! I’m so grateful for all her sparkle and inspiration (and big smiles). Happy birthday, Grace!
  • To the cutest girl on the planet, have a happy 12th birthday.
  • We hope you have a really brilliant day and enjoy all the fun a birthday brings.
  • Here’s to another year of dreams, adventures, love and growth. #BrotherLove.

Happy 12th Birthday Captions

  • Happy birthday to someone who is growing up far too fast! You’re going to be bigger than me soon.
  • And to all the candles that I blew out! Happy 12th birthday to me.
  • You’ve all grown up now! Wishing you the best birthday ever, cousin!
  • Happy birthday! It won’t be long until you’re a teenager, which means being moody and hating your parents.
  • This is my dearest friend, with whom I’m well pleased! Happy 12th birthday to you.
  • Dear brother, may your birthday be filled with fun, friends that will last a lifetime & cake. And don’t forget to share.
  • I decided to celebrate my nieces 12th birthday by treating her to her favorite thing in the world, Italian food. I think she enjoyed it!
  • Dear sister, your presence is a breath of fresh air in my life. I want to see you grow to be a blessing to all and sundry! Happy 12th birthday.
  • You may be growing up but you will always be my darling little angel. Happy 12th birthday.
  • Happy birthday Lil cousin! We love you, big boy! #
  • Happy birthday to a daughter like no other. Today we get to celebrate another year spent with you and how much joy you bring us.
  • Happy 12th birthday to my amazing sister. I know we are going to have loads of fun today.
  • Enjoy a brilliant day and have lots of fun turning 12!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite sister-in-law. I love you with all my heart. I’m so excited to celebrate this special day with you and the rest of my family!
  • I am celebrating another year of our friendship, today! Happy 12th birthday, my friend. I love you all the way to the moon and back.
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart cousin ever. You are growing up so fast.
  • Birthdays are so wonderfully special, especially when they result in someone as wonderfully special as you. Happy 12th birthday.
  • I’m growing old to represent the virtuous clan! Happy 12th birthday to me!
  • Today is my niece’s 12th birthday. I love you, claire.
  • To our truly magical daughter, we are proud of eve thing you’ve done and will do. Happy birthday.
  • There isn’t a more perfect or amazing girl in this world or the next than you. Happy birthday darling.
  • Happy 12th birthday to my friend. What a pleasure to have made memories with you over the years. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations to 12 years of being an amazing dude!
  • Happy 12th birthday to you, dear son. Thanks for representing us wonderfully well!

Funny 12th Birthday Instagram Captions

12th Birthday Instagram Captions
  • Happy birthday to our funny, loving and all round amazing grandson!
  • Happy 12th birthday to me! My joy is boundless!
  • You are sweeter than honey, have a wonderful birthday.
  • All the drinks on Instagram on me! Happy 12th birthday to me.
  • He is 12 today and so much more, but mostly more than I could have ever imagined.
  • Have a wicked cool, awesome 12th birthday!
  • Here’s to another great year of everything great! #sweet12
  • Grandparents adore seeing their grandchildren grow up and we are no different. Happy birthday.
  • Here’s to a special day full of laughter and fun. Happy 12th birthday.
  • To my perfect grandson – hoping you have a really great 12th birthday.
  • I’m Wishing myself a year filled with joy, love, laughter, and surprise. Happy 12th birthday to me.
  • Sweetest, most sincere, and most genuine young woman I know. Happy birthday, sister-in-law turned sister.
  • It’s my cousin Sabrina’s 12th birthday today! She’s having a lot of fun and is so excited.
  • You are the daughter we always dreamed of, happy birthday.
  • I love the better version of me you’re becoming, son! Happy 12th birthday to you.
  • HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to my best friend @biciclette. This past year has been an incredible experience. I’ve challenged myself to grow as lovelier, brilliant and pretty as you are.
  • Happy birthday Lil cousin! We love you big boy!
  • We are sending lots of love on your 12th birthday. We hope you like our present and get lots more!
  • We are so lucky to be related to such an incredible woman who is a best friend, and fiercely supportive of us all.
  • Congratulations on becoming 12. Remember to stay focused on school but enjoy some fun too.
  • You’re growing into a beautiful young woman. Enjoy being 12, happy birthday.
  • I hope your 12th birthday is one you remember forever and marks the start of a great year.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to our favorite little brother, may your day be filled with joy and a lot of chocolate.
  • Hoping you have a really good birthday. Enjoy!
  • Happy 12th birthday! I hope you feel very special today. After all, it’s not every day you turn 4,380…days. Wow!

12th Birthday Captions For Pictures

  • I hope your 12th year is even better than your 11th!
  • We still remember you when you were just a little baby and now you’re a strapping young man ready to take on the world. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 12th birthday to my nephew. I always love the time we spend together and can’t wait to see you on your bday.
  • Best wishes on turning 12 today and hoping you have a great day.
  • Today is your day, your life has just begun and you’re already celebrating your 12th Birthday! It was a pleasure caring for you and watching you grow into a fine young lady I’m proud of.
  • OMG, my baby niece just turned 12! Happier birthday to you.
  • This weekend I’m turning 12 and everything is perfect #happybirthday #big12celebration.
  • Happy 12th Birthday, Devan You are such a wonderful young man. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind to others. Love you to the moon and back.
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday and a truly brilliant year to come.
  • Congratulations on your 12th birthday. May all your birthday dreams come true.
  • Happy 12th birthday to my favorite nephew. I’m going to make sure I get to see you lots more over the coming year,
  • My focus in the past years had been on your exceptional growth! Happy 12th birthday, brother!
  • I hope your 12th birthday is so special that you remember every wonderful moment of it until your next one.
  • We have no idea what we ever did to deserve you as a family, but we are grateful for your gift of love. Happy birthday.
  • I’m the coolest aunt ever! Happy Birthday, #12isprettycool #birthdaygirl.
  • Wishing my nephew all the best for a incredible birthday like no other!
  • Beautiful view, amazing friends, and delicious cake. That’s how I imagined your birthday would be. Happy 12th birthday, brother.
  • To our grandson, happy birthday and enjoy turning 12.
  • Congratulations on turning 12! Enjoy your big day and don’t eat too much cake.
  • Happy birthday big sis! Love you lots!
  • Happy 12th birthday to my cousin, Raelyn. She’s a year older and wiser, but still just as sweet.
  • As a sister, you were always there for me, and supported me all throughout my life. From the time we were small, you would take care of me. You were like a friend, like a guardian angel to me. I just want to say that your love has made my life beautiful.

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